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The Middle School – an overview!

The middle school comprising Classes IV-VII makes up for half the strength of the school. It is a section of the school which makes you realize that you have left a part of your childhood behind to be trained and moulded for graduation into the Senior School as a young adult.

Graduation to Class IV is an experience children never forget and the reasons for this are mind boggling. To meet the national educational guidelines Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) now known as Co-curricular activities (CCAs), hold great charm for them. They attend the daily Senior Assembly for one, where they eagerly await their class turn for the 'Daily Assembly Week' wherein they are in charge of the News. Thought of the day and Prayer. Even more exciting for them is their turn for the Special Occasion Assembly, e.g. Ramlila, Guru Purab, Diwali or Christmas Assembly. They get to make their choice of SUPW (Socially Useful Productive Work) they have special teachers for subjects and they are active House Members.

The Middle School is a hub of activity all the time. Something or the other of great significance and relevance to school life is always happening. At The Pinnacle we believe, that besides the academics we provide for the all round development of a child. It is through the CCAs that a child learns social interaction, leadership, healthy recreation, self-discipline and self-confidence. We also do not forget to instill in our children from a very young age the need to be sensitized to being humane and thinking of providing for those less privileged than us.

There is a wide choice of CCAs in our school, for which students can sign up based on their interest and ability.

The scope of CCAs is wide due to a nearly inexhaustible list of interests. Some of the major groups include Computer Club, Art Club, Dance Club, Eco Club, Basketball and Photography and Film making Club. Uniformed groups require precision, management and organizational skills, providing training to prepare students for the outside world and these include the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Basket Ball, Volleyball and Athletics Teams.

Performing arts groups are also included with Elocution, JAM (Just a Minute), Declamation and Debating Clubs, Reading and Movie Clubs, Choirs, Logical Thinking and Puzzles Club. The latest we have introduced being the Special Activities Club, Dance Club are for children Dramatics Club.

Competitions like Inter-House Competitions, Inter-School Competitions and Inter-State Competitions are organized to create a healthy competitive environment and provide our children with an objective to work towards.

In a nut shell, the Middle School is a very happening part of school (even if we are the noisiest) and we are always on the go, which is the secret of our energy.

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