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Learning in Pre School
With its conception that dates back to 1957 Tiny Tots, now known as The Pinnacle School, has been a landmark in providing a nurturing environment to the toddlers of Delhi. Stepping out from the secure environment of home and the warmth of a family, a child takes the first step into the world beyond and into school. To ensure the experience is a pleasant one, The Pinnacle School makes every effort towards the enhancing of social and emotional skills by developing the motor skills using the principles of the Play way and Montessori methods of pre-school education.

Having mastered their lessons in self-reliance, the children now take their first steps into the realm of formal education. Their environment becomes their handy and ready resource. The delightful world of shapes becomes real as the children learn poems and songs about each shape. Their little fingers engage in learning in colouring and collage activities. It is in these years of early learning that children discover the joys of listening to stories with puppets to make characters come alive. Listening with rapt attention, our young learners revel in the world of stories and make belief.

The children handle various types of material like clay dough, blocks, beads etc. to enhance their motor development and creativity. Their finer muscles get toned and they ready themselves for crayon activity.
Like physical growth and brain development, motor development too shows predictable patterns. Acquiring skills in writing is a gradual transition from chalk and crayon to the pencil. The children scribble on pieces of newspaper and crayon lines make colourful patterns – each as unique as the artist himself! A hurried step here could lead to an unpleasant experience and could become a reason for a child taking a dislike to school and even to the art of writing itself. We have to be very cautious. Tracing the different lines – standing, sleeping, curving or slanting on sandpaper flash cards provides the child with the sensorial experience of lines that form letters and numbers.

To inculcate in the young children good eating habits, we celebrate ‘Vegetable Day’, when children recite poems and sing songs about different vegetables. It is never too early to inculcate in our children a love for our environment and the responsibility that comes along with it. Earth Day and World Environment Day are celebrated with special assemblies when children sing, recite, dramatise and even dress up in keeping with the theme.

To foster a love for relationships and express appreciation for people in the family Grandparents Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are important celebrations in school. The children recite poems, sing songs and talk about their family members. Some even dress up to look like them! At the end of the day they carry back cards for them with their loving messages.

At The Pinnacle we extend personal attention to the children in all spheres of their development. Researchers say that it is the first five years of a child’s life that is the period of optimal development of the brain. It is these initial years that we, as parents and educators, have to make the most of! It is during this period that almost 90 percent of the development of the brain takes place.

To make learning a fun process, we, at The Pinnacle School, involve the child’s own senses for the acquisition of knowledge through the methodology of the Multiple Intelligences. In the Pre School years, we focus on the visual/ spatial, musical/rhythmic and bodily/kinaesthetic intelligences integrated with the mathematical/logical, linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligences to achieve a fulfilling learning experience. This leads to the social, cognitive, emotional and educational development of children.

The Pinnacle kids have each day packed with song, dance, rhymes and a host of other activities as they harness their skills with letters and numbers. Their first steps into formal education are taken here in the warm environs of the school and the loving nurture of a host of teachers who are ever ready to extend a supporting hand to any child who takes a faltering, unsteady step whilst preparing them for a long academic journey ahead.

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