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"If you give people tools, [and they use] their natural ability and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected." - Bill Gates

Who would have thought that the invention of a computer would bring about a revolution in every sphere of our lives? At the click of a button, the world appears on our screen. We get connected with mankind around the globe. Such a revolution is most evident in the field of education. Gone are the days, when the teacher taught by rote or by writing on slates.

At the Pinnacle School, we are now rapidly moving towards a technological paradigm in the classrooms.

Information and communication technology plays a very important role in transforming the mode of imparting education today. Technology enhances learning by making it more exciting and eliminating repetitive tasks. In acknowledging different learning styles, the multimedia experience like sound, text, pictures, music and video provided by modern technology, is invaluable.

"Invention is the time when teachers take ownership. They make the innovation real". To initially motivate teachers towards implementing computers in their day to day teaching, many workshops and training sessions were conducted and at the same time teachers were motivated to make their own presentations. This not only helped in enhancing the skills of the teachers, but also emphasized to them the importance of computers in imparting education.

The vision for our technology development is defined by the following : "Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights." (Pauline R. Kezer.)

In order to prepare the school for technology integration in the curriculum, the following steps were taken:
  • All Teachers were NIIT trained.
  • The computer lab was renovated with new computers, flatscreens and LCD projectors.
  • All computers were connected to LAN (Local Area Network)
  • The Resource room was designed to allow Teachers to access the Internet 24 x 7.
  • Mobile projectors and laptops for Teachers to make multimedia presentations in classrooms.
  • New computers were added for Administrative / Official development at all levels of the school.
  • Staff Room set up with computers and an attractive layout.
  • All The Pinnacle teachers are today computer literate and use this technology effectively.
  • The school makes abundant use of technology in Desktop Publishing- Newsletters ('Pinpoint'), Brochure, Leaflets, Posters, Invitation cards, the annual Review etc. are all designed in-house. by our Multimedia Department.
Undoubtedly, technology is now having a major impact on the teacher of today. Far from being techno-phobic – the Pinnacle School teachers are emerging as those who use computers as effortlessly as their students.

As a result, computers have now become an integral part of our daily schedule. From drawing a difficult picture for a science class to getting a printout and even explaining it, the entire subject matter is now at hand, in the classroom or auditorium and will also be posted on the intranet.

Gradually, teachers have started using computers to make their lesson plans, worksheets, question papers, keeping a record of marks etc.. No doubt, it was initially difficult for them to adapt to the new technology, but their continuous belief in it helped them overcome this hiccup.

According to teachers of our school: "Computers have proved to be a boon in teaching. PowerPoint presentations have helped in reinforcing the formats of creative writing and the overall technology has enabled us to gather more information related to the topic taught in the class."

Rather than using technology for technology's sake, our school has developed a vision in which we have enabled the technology to improve teaching and learning in a holistic and overall fashion.
This vision will soon encompass:
  • Classrooms with smart boards; monitors connected to the Internet; use of multi-media in class and use of the Internet to research and submit homework. It will encourage the students to become pro-active in their classroom by exploring the vast field of education and knowledge.
  • Instead of traditional notebooks, download the chapters and save them in an Itablet or the latest Ipad!
  • The existing LAN (Local Area Network) of computers will be supplemented by a WI-FI network, allowing better connectivity and functionality.
And last, but not the least we would like to thank our Management, teachers, students and administrative staff of The Pinnacle School.

Their cooperation has made our efforts easier in spreading the benefits of computers as an integral element in the educative process.

Children take to computers with such great ease that it makes adults wonder why it takes them so long to master its intricacies! An example is this graphic that a young student generated after a few training sessions.

According to Teachers at our school: "Computers have proved to be a boon in teaching. PowerPoint presentations have helped in reinforcing the formats of creative writing and the overall technology has enabled us to gather more information related to the topic taught in the class."


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